Farmers Day Tractor Pull Results
It was a great day for a Tractor Pull and hundreds turned out for the annual Farmers Day Tractor Pull in Jesup.

The event was sponsored by the Jesup Lion’s Club, and took place on Saturday afternoon, July 11.

In addition to the usual pulls, there were pulls by Pickup Truck owners and a Powder Puff division where the women took the wheel.

The winners in the 2009 Tractor Pull were:

4,500 lbs - 1st, Mitch Pope; 2nd, Wayne Shragee.

6,000 lbs - 1st, Lyle Barnett; 2nd, Stewart May.

8,000 lbs - 1st, Marty Kuhlmann; 2nd, Mike Schaefer.

10,000 lbs - 1st, Gary Ott; 2nd, Mike Schaefer.

12,500 lbs - 1st, Dave Miller; 2nd, Gary Ott.

14,500 lbs - 1st - Dave Miller; 2nd, Denny Begemann.

17,000 lbs - 1st, Matt Knudsen; 2nd, Ryan Corkery.

Pickups - Men’s Class - 1st, Ricky Kayser; 2nd, Dean Reuter.

Pickups - Powder Puff Womens - 1st - Brenna Schaefer; 2nd, Gin Miller.

Congratulations to the winners!
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