Parade winners
The Sweepstakes Winner for the 2009 Great Farmers Day Parade is “St. A’s Party Flight,” entered by St. Athanasius Catholic Church in Jesup.

The float featured a helicopter with Father Ken Stecher as pilot — or “co-pilot” as one wise woman suggested — and his crew.

They have won $150 provided by the Jesup Chamber of Commerce.

Winners in the different categories are listed here.

Businessmen’s Floats — 1st, B&B Farm Store; 2nd, Teri Nie Realty; 3rd, The Farmers Wife.

Church Floats — 1st, American Lutheran Church 75 Years; 1st Presbyterian Church “WOW”; 3rd, Grace Bible “Soaring High With Christ.”

Organization Floats — 1st, Girl Scout Troop; 2nd, Pink Sox Girls’ Softball; 3rd, FCCLA “We’ll Bring the Food.”

Out of Town Floats — 1st, Mt. Carmel/Lord’s Warriors, Waterloo; 2nd, Cedar Valley Hospice, Waterloo.

Family Floats — 1st, Where’s My Sis/Happy 70th Carol Matejcik; 2nd, John Deere Tractor w/Manure Spreader (Please contact the parade chairman Wayne Natvig 319-827-6032 as they have no name for this entry.)

Decorated Cars — 1st, Birdnow; 2nd, Legacy Bar.

Decorated Trucks — 1st, Art by Al; 2nd, Starlight Theatre.

Horse or Pony and Rider — 1st, Rainbow Riders.

Horse and Wagon — 1st, Sunnyside Shoeing/Littleton Lounge.

Class Reunion Floats — 1st, Class of 1969; 2nd, Class of 1959.

Those who have not claimed their prizes can do so by contacting Wayne Natvig at 319-827-6032.

About the Parade

Thousands watched the 2009 Farmers Day Parade again this year. And what beautiful weather! Sunny skies, a mild temperature and a slight breeze made the morning perfect for one of the best parades in northeast Iowa.

For the first time in the memory of many, two trains came through Jesup and divided the parade. Those on the south side of the tracks had to wait a good 15 minutes to see the second half.

But, everyone was patient. There was plenty of candy and plenty of floats, along with lots of great music provided by the JHS Marching Band, the Shriners, the Lord’s Warriors and the Drumslingers, as well as Jesup Bible Fellowship float singers.

Get ready for next year’s parade when Jesup will celebrate 150 years! Wouldn’t it be great to see a float from absolutely every business, church and organization in Jesup?
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