Children's Tractor Pull
The Children’s Tractor Pull is always a big hit at Farmers Day, and this year was no exception. They lined up on Saturday afternoon to prove how far they could “pull their weight.”

The categories are divided by the weight of the children, beginning at 40 lbs. Children who weighed under 40 lbs. competed in this class.

Winners are —

40-49 lbs.: 1st, Skyler of Dunkerton, pulled 51-1/4; 2nd, Andrew of Dunkerton pulled 45-3/4; 3rd, Lanie of Jesup pulled 44-1/4. There were 21 competitors in this weight class.

50-59 lbs.: 1st, Kayden of Dunkerton (who pulled all the way to the end!); 2nd, Sidney of Jesup pulled 45-3/4; 3rd, Hannah of Dunkerton pulled 45-1/2.

60-69 lbs.: 1st, Dakota of Dunkerton pulled all the way to the end, as did Eric of Independence for 2nd. 3rd, Koleton of Independence.

70-79 lbs.: 1st, Andrew of Waterloo pulled 41-3/4; 2nd, Brayden of Dunkerton pulled 31-1/2; 3rd, Jeremy of Jesup pulled 28-3/4.

80-89 lbs.: 1st, Chelsey of Dunkerton pulled 43-1/4; 2nd, Luke of Independence pulled 39-1/4; 3rd, Matthew of Dunkerton pulled 38.
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