Hope you saved room for pie
By Kim Edward Adams

Last year’s hot-dog eating contest was transformed this year into a pie eating contest – and boy, was it ever fun!

Although last year’s winner, Ryan See, lost his bid to keep the championship, he was able to down 18 “tart-sized” pudding pies in 10 minutes! His main challenger in the adult division, James Gulsvig, enjoyed eating 20 pies to take the championship this year. Both adult entrants were both messy and voracious in their competitive pie-eating styles. No rules. The eaters could chow down the pies using a provided spoon, their hands, fingers, whatever was needed to get them eaten. Standing, sitting, dancing and prancing around were all allowed – and were entertaining to the audience. The eventual champ even doffed his shirt to save it from the chocolate and vanilla pudding mess that naturally resulted from the event.

However, these two were NOT the only pie-eaters allowed into the adult division. As the minutes ticked by, Master of Ceremonies Kyle Troyer called up to the stage, another last minute entrant. This is someone who’s always there at Farmers Day, and always around to help, no matter what is asked – none other than “Mr. Jesup” Alan Wright – President of the Farmers Day board.

Alan Wright came up with just a little hesitation, it seemed, but was seated promptly at the adult table on stage. Alan used a completely different competitive style. He sat very straight, took his spoon, and delicately enjoyed each bite of the single pie in front of him. Alan ate one tart pie before the time was out – but nevertheless received “third place” accolades with his usual aplomb and charm.

But that wasn’t all!

At the same time as the Adult Division was “duking it out” at the adult table; the Junior Division table was crowded with five contestants, who only had 7 minutes to down their pudding pies. Davis Roth was the winner with six pies!

The audience was in stitches during most of the competition!

What will next year bring?

No one knows for sure, but suggestions may be presented to Kyle Troyer or his co-emcee “Rock n Roll,” sometimes known as Curt Miller.
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