The Wicked Andersons Rock and Roll Saturday night
The Wicked Andersons (TWA) will bring the Farmers Day Saturday Pavilion entertainment to a close with an incredible show starting at 9:30 p.m. on June 22.

The Wicked Andersons have been performing in one form or another for over ten years. Headed by front man/guitarist and Waterloo native MichaeI Cutsforth the current membership has been playing together for several years now. Making appearances from Alabama to Minnesota and New York to Colorado the band has established themselves as one of the top acts on the road. Their unique blend of 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's rock and roll has been a consistent hit with fans of all ages. Fabulous vocal harmonies and precise instrumental execution accent a lively and fun stage show, while their exclusive song list is engineered to evoke memories of the greatest bands of the past while avoiding the “usual” material played by a host of "Classic Rock" bands.

About The Wicked Andersons:
Michael Cutsforth is a former RCA recording artist and has recorded with members of Elvis Presley's band, "Toto", "Marshall Tucker", "38 Special", “Elton John Band" and others. As a songwriter he has received a platinum record for the release of his song "Hey There, Lonely" in Europe. For over thirty-five years he has performed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico chiefly as a rock artist and has consistently been an outstanding draw. The Nashville Network (TNN) chose his previous band "Remember the Alamo" as one of the five best unsigned bands in America. Michael has made numerous appearances on TNN and almost weekly on “Midwest Country”, a show aired each Saturday evening nationally on the RFD Network. The show also airs in reruns several times weekly. Rock bands in the region he has previously performed with include "Hip Pocket", "Square One", "Mynx”, “Clear Skies", and most notably “The Proof”. Michael was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of fame in August of 2014 as an Individual artist.

Jason Wahner is the drummer with TWA. Jason has over twenty-five years of performing experience. He has performed locally with various bands, including "The Don Boyle Band" and "Doc Holiday". Jason also appears with David Church on the nationally-broadcast "Midwest Country" on RFD-TV, and has shared the stage with Ray Price, John Conley, Doug Stone, Head East and others. Jason provides a strong, solid tempo that dancers and the band thrive on. Musically and personally Jason is quite possibly the key ingredient in The Wicked Andersons.

Devin Damon is the newest member of TWA. Joining the band in March of 2014 her hard work and positive attitude has been a new inspiration to the band. Her vocal range and ability have allowed the band to venture into musical styles and song selections previously unexplored by TWA. At her debut performance in May, 2014 Devin brought the house down and immediately became the hottest new vocalist in the Cedar Valley.

Chris Starbuck became the bassist in the fall of 2009. Chris quickly earned a place in the band and with fans as a favorite. Acclaimed throughout the area as a premier bassist his time with The Wicked Andersons has provided him an opportunity to display his vocal ability as well. With over thirty-five years of performing under his belt Chris brings strong vocal and musical presence to the stage along with a unique sense of humor. Chris has played with some of the top bands in the area and the Midwest, such as the legendary "Encounter", "Stutz" and eighteen years with "CB & Company". Chris has toured extensively across America, Europe, the Mediterranean and has even played in Greenland while on a world-wide tour of military bases.

Mike Elliott is the lead guitarist with The Wicked Andersons. Joining the band in June of 2010, it had been almost twenty years since he had been consistently performing although he played regularly. The time off was undetectable from the start. If anything, he was greatly improved from his already impeccable reputation. For all his recognition as a guitarist, Mike is equally as capable as a vocalist. His tenor voice has brought a new sound to the band and as a result increased the bands' vocal powers immensely. Mike has played with several amazing area bands such as "Asylum", "Tomcat" and the highly renowned "Nasty Jack", perhaps the most legendary area hard-rock band. Mike brings not only experience to every performance but also an energy that is infectious to the crowd and The Wicked

The Wicked Andersons perform music by the Beatles, the Eagles, the Byrds, Linda Ronstadt, The Traveling Wilbury's, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and a variety of other popular recording artists along with a share of their own music. Their sound is a blend of American and English rock, folk, blues and Southern California-rock accented with a strong performance and highlighted with excellent vocals. Genres include Contemporary Rock, Classic Rock, and New Country. TWA has a strong appeal to all ages and has a fan base from 20 to 75 years of age.
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