Casey Klein to perform at Gazebo Saturday afternoon
Casey Klein, a Manchester native, now living in Cedar Rapids will perform his “one man band” show at the Jesup Park Gazebo Saturday afternoon from 12:30 to 4 p.m.

Klein describes himself as a “young aspiring musician, most prominently known for my abilities as a guitarist.”

“I play live shows as a solo acoustic one-man-band act, performing covers spanning an immense variety of music,” Klein says. “Aside from vocals and guitar, I also play bass, harmonica, keys/synthesizers, and virtual instruments. I produce my own music, which doesn't fit into one genre-based category, so I simply label it as "alternative." I love merging different styles of music, thus creating unique blends of sound.”

“My goal is to create an atmosphere, bridge gaps, and exceed limitations. Music is a world all its own, with rules made for breaking and boarders meant for crossing. There is so much to appreciate in the realm of sound, and I aspire to enhance the familiar and embrace the unknown,” Klein says.

Stop by the Gazebo and enjoy Klein’s music Saturday, June 22 at Jesup Farmers Day.
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