Stringwinders Chick Band
“Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life for you.” –Thomas Jefferson.

This bit of wisdom from this country’s third President has been taken to heart by the Stringwinders Chick Band, who will perform at the Park Pavilion for Jesup’s Farmers Day celebration at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 21.

The Stringwinders Chick Band first united in 2016 to play one song for the Stringwinders Student Showcase. All of the women were connected with Stringwinders music in one way or another, but what united them all was their love for music. The band had so much fun playing together they decided to continue.
The Chicks have come a long way since that first showcase, shuffled and learned new instruments and settled into a groove with seven members.

All of the women have a passion for music and a desire to pay it forward. They have decided all the proceeds of their performances will be put into a scholarship fund to help children in the Algona, Iowa area who aspire to further their dream and their love of music.

“We hope to put a smile on your face with our music,” states their website promotion.
Here are the members: Angie Lachney: drums and ukulele. Angie is the band’s founder, and owns Stringwinders Music with her husband Russell. Marisa Merkel: lead vocalist. Hilah Owen: ukulele, electric guitar & back up vocals. Julie Collison: keyboard. Melissa Lentz: acoustic guitar & electric guitar. Mandy Marshall: bass guitar. Josie Bjustrom: violin.
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