Parade Winners
With the 103rd Farmer’s Day in the books, it’s time to look back on one thing in particular, the Great Farmers Day Parade. This year’s parade was full of Dino themed floats, and we can say that everyone had a blast watching and participating in it. First place winners in the parade won $40, while second place won $15.

Heartland Technology won the Chamber of Commerce’s $200 sweepstakes with their creative dinosaur themed float and their awesome custom-made t-shirts that read “Heartland Park.” In the business category, Sulentic Fischels Realty took first place with their Flintstone styled float. Second place went to Joe’s Pizza and Subs with their prehistoric float with a giant slice of pizza, yum!

In the Church category, the First Presbyterian Church won first place with their inspirational float that was about stopping bullying, violence, and other bad things. The Bible Fellowship Church claimed second place prize with their Dinosaur costumes that made many people laugh. In the organization category, Noa Marting gymnastics won first place with their many tumblers doing cartwheels and other tumbles. Diva softball came in second place with their many softball players.

The family category only had one entry, which was the Rehmert family, who had a blue dinosaur theme with a young girls driving a tractor with a dinosaur nest being towed behind it. For the class reunion category, the Class of 1978 claimed first prize with their clever motto, “Still stomping after 40 years.” The class of 1968 took second place with their energy and excitement. For the Vintage auto category, retired Mayor Mark Collett won first with his 1950 Chevrolet Truck that had a greenish-blueish color to it. In the back were foreign exchange students Anna Sundin from Sweden and Magdalena Schausberger from Austria. Second place went to Richard Schaefer with his Ivory Chevrolet Impala.

The final category was the Horse Rider Category, and Lynne Stout took first place with her horse-pulled carriage.

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