Who is David Earl?
Tomar and the FCs are set to hit the Pavilion stage on Saturday, July 7 at 9:30 p.m. with a high energy blues/soul show. The band has performed at South by Southwest festival (SXSW) and was selected to play on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk concert series. They have also been featured as artist of the month locally in Austin, TX and have attracted a prominent following in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Tomar Williams, the band’s vocalist, has been playing music since his childhood. His powerful vocals combined with the instrumental work of David Earl, Mitch Fischels, Andy Tenberg and Paul Kresowik, promises a lively night of music. This is a special treat for the Jesup crowd, as two of those band members are JHS graduates!

David Earl is the stage name of David Quackenbush, son of Dick and Dawn Quackenbush. Mitch Fischels is the son of Mark and Bernice Fischels, former residents of Jesup.

David Quackenbush and Drew Fischels both graduated with the JHS class of 2001. Younger brother Mitch Fischels graduated with the class of 2004. Those three boys were the constant members of a high school band that practiced in the Quackenbush garage (“Thankfully, the neighbors were very tolerant,” says David’s mom Dawn.) Other kids that participated in that band included JD Campbell and Matt Goblirsch. They would play high school dances and parties under the name “As Advertised.” The name came from the stickers David and Drew used as employees of Schares Food Mart. David and the Fischels were self-taught guitarists, but David learned music and keyboarding from Maxine Oldridge along with many band lessons from Lee Triplitt and Kraig Emick.

After a school year of practicing in the Quackenbush garage, the band would go on the road in the summers. Drew Fischels did a great job of getting them shows across the United States, and they would drive coast-to-coast in the “big blue bus.” They would run a drop cord to someone’s house where they were performing and live on a minimal budget – all the money had to go for gas. David and his dad, Dick Quackenbush, retrofitted the school bus with an iron cage to secure the musical instruments as well as sleeping and riding quarters. Of course, the bus always had mechanical problems. David would snap a picture of whatever was wrong and then his dad, Dick, would diagnose it remotely. David became a pretty good mechanic as well as musician through these travels. Jesse Havlik also traveled with the band as a friend and roadie.

After high school, Drew and David attended the University of Iowa. They participated in a band called Wandering Bears. Once Mitch graduated from high school, he joined them in Iowa City and the three of them had an indie band called Western Front that performed various college town venues. They met an outstanding drummer named Paul Kresowik in Iowa City. He moved to Austin, TX as a jazz drummer and convinced the Jesup trio to join him there. Paul, Mitch and David joined other Austin musicians to form the FCs. They perform with Tomar Williams, a lifetime musician from Austin. Drew, Mitch and David still perform and record as the Western Front in Austin.

Dawn Quackenbush contributed to this article.
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