Farmers Day welcomes World Class Johnny Cash Tribute Band
“Church of Cash” is coming to Farmers Day Saturday night, July 7. Country music fans will recognize this group, but for those who haven’t “been to church,” their website provides this description:

“What the “Church of Cash” has that no one else can match is their loyalty to the song and the message that Johnny left to all of us. The band keeps this word alive with a youthful spirit that has entertained audiences completely.”

Singer and group founder Jay Ernest is a lifelong musician. While living in Hawaii and playing whatever he wanted, he noted “every time I played Johnny Cash people put down their drinks and really looked and listened.” It was the reaction of his audiences that caused him to form “Church of Cash” eight years ago. It was an opportunity for him to not only be the front man, but to honor the icon.

The Church of Cash is not your average tribute band. As the name implies, the Minneapolis band shares an almost spiritual experience with the works of Johnny Cash. Their mission is to share that with audiences of all generations, and they seemed to have succeeded. The band recently finished its second full-length album Thank You Sir and has toured with sold out shows.

“Johnny Cash is one of the coolest, most prolific singer-songwriters – and may I add storytellers – of America. But beyond that – I have a low voice; Johnny Cash has a low voice. My voice fits him like a champion. I can’t sing Queen, I can sing Johnny Cash.”

“Church of Cash” will be performing in the Park Pavilion starting at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, July 7.
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