¬T-Rex coming to Jesup!
Visitors to the 2018 annual Jesup Farmers Day celebration may notice a new scaly addition wandering through the crowds and having his picture taken with kids.
Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventures brings together a unique mobile prehistoric walk-thru Dinosaur Museum and thrilling up-close encounters with the king of dinosaurs, "Tyrannosaurus Rex."

Get up close and personal with a realistic dinosaur T-Rex. Through the magic of special effects animatronic puppetry, the anatomically scaled T-Rex will stroll through downtown Jesup roaring, head shaking, ground pounding, snorting and creating thrills and chills!

The main feature of the exhibit is a mobile museum. The museum allows a great opportunity to see a mixture of fossils and skeletons up-close and offers historical facts, pictures, fossils and multi-media.

“I didn’t plan on specifically getting into dinosaurs,” said Jim Hutching, owner of Dinosaur Adventures and president of its parent company, Studio Magic, “but I heard about cuts to other mobile dinosaur exhibits and wanted to offer something to help fill in that gap.”

The Tennessee-based Studio Magic focuses on fun, kid-oriented educational programs including anything from magicians to emus. The company was founded in 2001 and the dinosaur program started in 2012.

Hutching did research about what previous mobile units, like the Smithsonian did, and recreated it on a smaller scale.

Although his mobile museum is smaller than a semi, it has between 500,000 and 1 million pairs of feet travel through each year in almost every area of the country.
This year, that mobile museum will be parked in downtown Jesup for the three day run of the celebration, July 5, 6 and 7.
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