2013 Domestic Arts Show winners
The community room in the basement of Jesup City Hall has proven again this year as the perfect place for the Farmers Day Domestic Arts Show.
Area talent exhibited items in Food & Nutrition, Needlework, Woodworking and Photography.

The People's Choice Award went to Justin Nie for his deer antler mount. There were Grand Prize winners, as well as Judges Choice Awards that went to entries that stood out above others.

Winners are listed here and Grand Prize and Judges Choice winners are also pictured.

Organizers Pat McIntosh and Karen Frost thank everyone who entered this year, as well as those who judged.

Pre-Junior & Junior Entries

Maggie Brockmeyer —
Grand Prize for Fresh Flowers; Banana Bread, 2nd; Misc. Cookie, 3rd; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd; Oatmeal Cookies, 2nd; Pumpkin Muffins, 2nd; Raisin Bran Muffins, 1st; Oatmeal Box Cradle, 2nd; Bird Feeder, 1st; Sock Puppet, 2nd; Keyring, 3rd.
Cole Bucknell —
Grand Prize for Nie Barn Photo; J-Hawk Baseball vs EB Photo, 3rd; Cloudy Sky Photo, 3rd; The Pitch Photo, 1st.
Kile Bucknell —
Stormy Sky Photo, No Placement; Golf Game Photo, 2nd; Waterloo Bucks/Jesup Rec. Trip, No Placement; Great Grandma's Church Rake Photo, 2nd.
Andrew Canfield —
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st.
Elijah Canfield —
Sugar Cookies, 1st.
Dillan Federspiel —
Derby Car, 2nd; Duck tape Wallet, No Placement.
Kassidy Federspiel —
Grand Prize for S'mores Cup, 1st; Aquarium, No Placement; Africa Report, 1st.
McKenzie Federspiel — Scotcheroos, 2nd; Derby Car, 1st; Silk Arrangement, 1st.
Elsie McIntosh —
Judge's Choice for Blueberry Pie; Flower Painting, 1st; Pottery Flower, 3rd; Shell Necklace, 2nd; Banana Bread, 1st.
Camden Schmit —
Pumpkin Spice Cookies, 1st.
Katey Schmit —
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie, 2nd; Chocolate Cake, 1st.
Madalynn Johnson —
Grand Prize for Sewn Capri Sun Purse; Button Necklace Bracelet, 1st; Butterfly Picture, 1st; Jameson Photo, 1st; Geese White Photo, 1st; Rock Garden Photo, 2nd; Benny Photo, 1st; Elsie Photo, 3rd; Camping, No Placement; Beau Photo, 1st; Daylily Photo, 3rd; Trees & Water Photo, No Placement; Max T-Ball Photo, No Placement; Water Fall Photo, 1st.
Hannah Canfield —
Pumpkin Bread, 1st; Pumpkin Cookies, 1st.
Matthew Canfield —
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd.
Alyssa Corkery —
Grand Prize for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies; Lion Drawing, No Placement; Sugar Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Cake, 1st; Grass/Sunrise Photo, No Placement; Orange Spider Photo, No Placement; Silo Sunrise Photo, 1st.
Bailey Federspiel —
No Bake Cookies, 1st; Derby Car, 2nd; Book Report, 1st.
Kelsey Hansen —
Scrapbooking, 1st; Crochet Item, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 2nd.
Jenny Hingtgen —
Art Poster, 1st.
Damara Hoskins —
Snowman, 1st; Santa Scarf, 2nd.
Joyanna Kies —
Grand Prize for Clay Horse Head and Grand Prize for Still Life/Old Tools Photo. Metal Mirror Flower, 3rd; Hand Carved Guitar, 1st; Water Mill Photo, 3rd; HOPE Photo, 1st; Ring,Charity Photo, 1st; Horse Head Sketching, No Placement.
Jordan Kies —
Grand Prize for Woodturning Lamp. Sunset through Clouds Photo, 2nd; Stringed Instruments Photo, 2nd.
Megan McFadden —
Grand Prize for Cat Quilt.
Claire Thoma —
What's in a Shadow, No Placement; Circle of Life, No Placement.
Jack Thoma —
Yellow Model Car, 1st.
Annicka Wall —
Swimming Seal Photo, 2nd; Macawona Branch Photo, 1st; Painted Birdhouse, 3rd.
Zoe West —
Bowl, 1st; Chair, 1st; Glass Bottle, 2nd; Poster, 2nd; Flower Arrangement, 1st.
Sage Behn —
Treasure from Trash, 3rd; Fresh Flower, 2nd.

Adult Entries

Monica Bengston —
Craft Present Toppers, No Placement; Treasure Pencil Can, 3rd; Home Fresh Flowers, 1st; Historical Holy Water Font, 2nd; Needlework Crochet Hot Pad, 3rd; Carrot Cake, 1st; Peach Rhubarb Cake, 1st; Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd; Misc. Cereal Cookies, 2nd; Peanut Butter Cookies, 1st; Bread/Banana, 1st; Farmers Day S'mores, 1st.
Cally Bengston —
Bee Pinata, 3rd.
Belle Boyer —
Multi-color Afghan/White Stripes, No Placement; Multi-color Afghan, 1st.
Amy Bucknell —
All entries are photos: Moose-Big Horn National Forest, No Placement; Bison - Yellowstone National Park, 2nd; Hawkeye Football Players, 1st; Mt. Rushmore, No Placement; Princess Cousins, 3rd; Swim Lessons, 2nd; Hayden Valley Yellowstone, 3rd; Blue Star Pool Yellowstone (Hot Spring) No Placement.
Julia Darby —
Grand Prize for quilt made from used jeans and flannel shirts.
Lois Delagardelle —
All entries are photos: Farmers Boots, 1st; Happy Family, Seagulls & Friend, Lizard on Rocks and Barnacle, No Placement. Sedona, 2nd; Lizard, No Placement.
Karen Frost —
Barbecue Tea Towel, 3rd; Ladies Swimmer, 4th; Candy/Fudge, 1st; PG Mom Photo, Rocky Mt. Lake Photo, and Windmill Sunset Photo, No Placement; Hummingbird, 1st; K. Bookmark, 2nd; Nancy Jewelry, 1st; 4th of July Pillow Cases, No Placement; 4th of July Tea Towel, 2nd; Peonies/Silk Flowers, 1st.
Carolyn Gill —
Embroidered Baby Quilt, 3rd; Embroidery, 1st.
Patrick J. Gill —
Grand Prize for Uncle Sam Cannon Pull Toy. Black Cat Candy Box, Pumpkin Head Bobble, Peter Rabbit Easter Pull, Uncle Sam Parade Drummer, and Miss Liberty Doll, No Placement; Folk Art Wooden Uncle Sam, 3rd; Jack Skellington Doll, No Placement; Deer Hunter Doll, 2nd.
Beverly King —
Afghan/Brown, Yellow, Orange, 1st; Baby Blanket/Purple & Gold, 2nd; Man's Prayer Shawl Multi, 2nd; Man's Hat, 2nd; Ladies Hat, 3rd.
Pat McIntosh —
Judges Choice for Great Grandma/Grandma Shadow Box. Grand Prize for Ott Brother Photo. Stairstep Scarecrow, 2nd; All other entries are photos: Painted Princess, 2nd; Autumn Tree and Storm Lake, No Placement; Geese, 1st; Alivia Feeding Geese, No Placement; Grandpa's Ride, 1st; Corn, 2nd; John Deere Retired, 1st; Rabbit, 3rd.
Eric Nie —
Grand Prize for Decorative Woodworking/Underneath Mississippi Railroad Bridge. Woodburning of Turkey Scene, 3rd; Long Exposure Nigh Photo, 3rd; Long Exposure/Sepia, 2nd: Sunset Sky in Stockholm, 1st; Old Town Stockholm, 2nd. Woodburning of Big Horn Sheep, Turkey, Walleye, Flowing Water Scene, Reflection Sunset and Loon Pair, No Placement.
Justin Nie —
People's Choice Award and Judges Choice Award for Antler Deer Mount. Antler Lamp, 3rd; Antler Man Cave Sign, 1st; Matthew's Coat Rack, 2nd; Gone Hunting Burning, Buck/Doe Fall Burning and Walnut Chainsaw Chair, No Placement; Welcome to Deer Country Burning, 2nd.
Joleen Darnall Poyner —
Clay Face Container, 3rd.
Ann Marie Rock —
Two-Generation Binder, 1st; Two Frames Showing Family Tree, 3rd.
Karen Rottinghaus —
Grand Prize for White Angel Food Cake. Judges Choice for Candle Mat (Turkey).
Sewing Mends the Soul and Small Bag With Button, No Placement; Pin Cushion Snowman, 1st; Sewing Embroidered, 2nd; English Toffee Candy, 2nd; Nutritious Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st.
Brooke Schmit —
Still Life Leaf Photo, 3rd; Winter In Iowa Photo and Bridge Fall Photo, No Placement.
Patti Schmit —
Blue Floral & Denim Purse, 2nd; Black & Tropical Purse, 3rd; Green & Pink Flowers Purse, 1st; Snowflake Purse, Black w/Blue Purse, and Green & Brown Purse, No Placement.
Terri Schmitz —
Grand Prize for To Grandmother's House Quilt. Noah's Ark Quilt, 1st; Dr. Seuss Quilt, 3rd.
Carole Van Brocklin —
All entries are photos: Four Pelicans, 1st; Grandson Looking at Sunset, 1st; Ellie in Suds, 3rd; Safe - Cole Sliding into Base, 1st; Sunset, 1st; Twin Dolphins Jumping, 3rd; Beautiful Flowers, 3rd; Grandson Pitcher Series, 2nd. Reflection of Trees in Lake, Eagle with Shadow, and Silo With Tree Growing, No Placement.
Chris Waring —
Digital Scrapbook, 1st; Patriotic Table Runner, 1st.
Sally West —
Flower Arrangement, 2nd; Family Plate, No Placement.
Roger J. Williams —
Nutritious Muffins, 1st.

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