Domestic Arts Show Winners
There were dozens of adults and children who entered in many different categories at the Domestic Arts Show at Farmers Day once again this summer. The event was held in the basement of the new Jesup City Hall for the first time this year.

This was the second year that the Youth had a separate show from the Adults. Pre-Junior and Junior entries were checked in on Wednesday night with overnight judging. It was open to observers on Thursday night of Farmers Day.

Adult check-in was on Friday night, with the doors open to observe judging shortly after the conclusion of the Farmers Day Parade.

Those entering in the Domestic Arts Show, and their placements were —

Adult —

Cally Bengston of Fairbank: Miscellaneous Cookies No Bake, 2nd.

Monica Bengston of Fairbank: Fresh Flowers, 1st; Silk Flowers, 2nd; Chocolate Cake, 2nd; Handmade Bead Rosary, 3rd; Treasure from Trash Recycled Cards, 4th; Photo - Flags, 1st; Photo - Killdeer, 2nd; Genealogy “Berns” 1st & Grand Prize; Cherry Pie, 2nd; Sour Cream Yeast Rolls, 2nd; Misc. Cookies Peanut Butter, 3rd; Cereal Cookies Nut Cookies, 1st; Banana Bread, 2nd; Oatmeal Cookies, 2nd; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3rd; Carrot Cake, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 1st.

Vanda Blankenship of Jesup: Machine Quilted Item, Scrappy Star Wall Quilt, 2nd; Scrappy Twin Bed Quilt, 3rd.

Belle Boyer of Jesup: Decorated Clothing Barrettes, 1st; Decorative Item for Home, Out of the Past, 3rd.

Phyllis J. Cook of Jesup: Hand Quilted Item, 1st.

Kris Dauth of La Porte City: Machine Sewn Item Baptism Gown/Silk, 1st.

John Engquist of Jesup: Woodworking, Coins of U.S./Territories/Presidents, 1st.

Mary Jane Engquist of Jesup: Treasure from Trash Slate Tile, 2nd; Handmade Item Skiing Scarf, 4th.

LeAnn Even of Jesup: Photo, Mare & Foal, 4th.

Dawn Fisher of Davenport: Machine Quilted Item White & Watercolor, 4th; Skyblue, 1st; Appliquéed Item, 4th; Appliquéed Item Pillow with Cat, 2nd; Handmade Item Mixed Technique Purse, 3rd; Purse, 1st.

Karen Frost of Jesup: Machine Sewn Item Insulated Casserole Carrier, 2nd; Necklace, 1st; Cross Stitch Magnet Needle Case, 1st & 2nd; Appliquéed Item, 1st & 3rd; Fudge, 1st; Handcrafted Farmers Day Theme Item Flowers in Vase, 2nd.

Carolyn Gill of Jesup: Hand Embroidered Item, Baby Quilt, 1st; Baby Quilt, 2nd.

Patrick Gill of Jesup: Hand Crafted Item Farmers Day Theme Uncle Sam Jack in the Box, 2nd; Original Art Snow White Witch, 1st; Black Cat Chase, 3rd.

Maddy Hinz of Jesup: Photo - Mouthful, 3rd; Photo - Painted Kiddo, 2nd; Photo - Man’s Best Friend, 4th.

Lynn Jeffers of Jesup: Pecan Praline Rolls, 1st & Grand Champion; Decorative Item for Home Woven Trash Basket, 1st; Photo Landscape, 3rd; Photo - People, 4th; Photo - Animals, 4th; Photo - Animals B&W, 3rd; Photo - Still Life, 1st.

Andrea Johnson of Waverly: All Photos - Crab Shack, 4th; Alligator, 1st; Floats, 1st; Action, 1st & 2nd; Flowers, 2nd & 4th; Collage, 1st

Diana Kelly of Jesup: Appliquéed Item Blackbird Pie Rug, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Banana Bread, 3rd; Blueberry Muffins, 1st.

Sally Kies of Independence: All Photos, Flowers, 1st; Yellow Daisy, 3rd; American Legion; 2nd; Hand Crafted Item Farmers Day Theme Picture, 4th; Silk Flower Arrangement, 1st.

Bev King of Jesup: Scrapbook, 1st; Genealogy King Family, 2nd; Crocheted Blanket, 2nd.

Katie McIntosh of Dunkerton: Treasure from Trash, Cloth Diaper, 3rd.

Pat McIntosh of Dunkerton: Holiday, Cards, 1st; Holiday, Christmas Cards, 3rd; Original Art Gr Grandpa & Alyvia, 2nd; Original Art Baby Poem, 4th; All Photos - Grandpa John Fishing, 1st; Gr. Grandpa Earl’s Car, 2nd; Wapsie, 2nd; Hand Crafted Item Farmers Day Theme, 1st; Decorative Item Bride & Groom, 2nd.

Sara McIntosh of Dunkerton: Scrapbook, 1st; Nutritious Bread Raisin Nut, 2nd; Farmers Day Theme Food, 1st; Photo - Computer Enhanced, 1st; Nutritious Bar Apple Cranberry Oatmeal, 1st; Oatmeal Cookies, 1st; Treasure from Trash, 2nd.

Cindy Mealhow of Jesup: All Photos - Moose, 1st; Bear, 2nd; Seal, 3rd; Float, 4th; Sheep, 3rd; Water Fall, 1st; Rock, 2nd; People, 1st, 3rd & 4th; Still Life Jars, 1st.

Pat Nagel of Raymond: Handmade Item Quilt, 1st.

Tanya Newman of Jesup: Scrapbook, 4th.

Gloria Pullin of Independence: Machine Quilt, 3rd; Bed Covering Trail Mix, 2nd.

Deb Reuter of Jesup: Bed Covering, Glacier Star Quilt, 1st; Bed Covering, Civil War Tribute Quilt, 1st & Grand Champion.

Karen Rottinghaus of La Porte City: Chocolate Chip Cookie, 2nd; Chocolate Cake, 1st; Cranberry Apple Pie, 1st.

Amy Schares of Jesup: Decorative Item for Home Stove Cover, 3rd; Misc. Cookie, 1st.

Karla Schares of Jesup: Crochet Item Bed Throw, 1st; Crochet Item Pillow, 3rd & 4th.

Patti Schmit of Jesup: Holiday Item, Purse, 2nd; Hand Crafted Item Farmers Day Theme Purse, 3rd; Machine Sewn Item, 1st; Handmade Mixed Technique Purse, 2nd & 4th.

Julie Versluis of Jesup: Scrapbook, Army, 2nd & 3rd.

Professional —

Patrick Gill of Jesup: Original Art Key to My Heart, 3rd.

Mandy Jones of Jesup: Original Art “Shelby,” 1st & Grand Champion; “Jackson,” 2nd.

Katie Kelly of Jesup: Computer Generated Project “Our Family Board,” 1st; Decorative Item for the Home, Block Set, 1st.

Pat McIntosh of Dunkerton: Silk Flower, 1st; Fresh Flower Barbie Arrangement 1st; Holiday Item, Angel Arrangement, 1st.

Pre-Junior & Junior —

Rhianna Bigwood of Jesup: Photo Heartbeat at My Feet, 2nd.

Maggie Brockmeyer of Jesup: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Nutritious Muffin, 1st; Nutritious Bread, 1st & Grand Champion; Trash to Treasure, 1st; Scrapbook 1st & Grand Champion; Fresh Flower Arrangement, 1st; Cookie Made from Cake Mix, 1st.

Cole Bucknell of Jesup: Photo - Spider, 1st; Photo - Country Landscape, 2nd.

Kile Bucknell of Jesup: Photo - Grandma’s Garden 1st & Grand Champion; Photo - Elvis the Bassett, 2nd; Photo - Jaguars Blue, 1st; Photo - Grandma’s Flower, 2nd.

Andrew Canfield of Dunkerton: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd.

Elijah Canfield of Dunkerton: Sugar Cookies, 1st.

Hannah Canfield of Dunkerton: Pumpkin Bread, 1st.

Matthew Canfield of Dunkerton: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd.

Carter Chemin of Jesup: Original Art, 1st; Decorated Clothing, 1st; Misc. Cookie, 1st.

Alyssa Corkery of Jesup: Oatmeal Cookies, 1st & Grand Champion; Sugar Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 1st.

Bailey Federspiel of Jesup: Original Art “New Animal,” 3rd; Original Art Poetry Book, 1st.

Dillan Federspiel of Jesup: Woodworking “Mini Teeter Totter,” 3rd.

Kassidy Federspiel of Jesup: Original Art Reptiles Book, 2nd; Original Art, Bunny Picture, 2nd.

McKenzie Federspiel of Jesup: Woodworking, Mini Teeter Totter, 1st.

Jenny Hingtgen of Jesup: Hand crafted item with Farmers Day Theme, Flag Poster, 1st.

Madalynn Johnson of Waverly: Woodworking, Wall Art Wood Beads, Grand Champion Farmers Day Theme.

Jordan Kies of Independence: Photo - Old Mill, 1st; Photo - Tulips, 2nd; Photo - White Flower, 2nd; Woodworking Furniture, 1st & Grand Champion.

Joyanna Kies of Independence: Photo - Cat B&W, 1st; Cat, Color, 1st; Photo - White with Purple Mat, 2nd; Photo - Dogwood, 1st & Grand Champion; Woodworking Decorative Carving, 1st; Original Art Horse Sketch, 1st; Fresh Flowers, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 2nd; Original Art, Clay Ice Cream Sundae, 1.

Lindsey Kite of Jesup: Decorative Item for the Home Crayola Art Heart, 1st & Honorable Mention; Original Art Tree Painting, 1st & Honorable Mention.

Caroline Strauel of Jesup: Oatmeal Cookies with Maple Frosting, 2nd.

Claire Strauel of Jesup: Orange Poppy Seed Bread, 2nd.

Brittany Ann Weitzenkamp of Jesup: Original Art Axl Rose, 1st & Honorable Mention; Original Art, Billy the Kid, 4th; Original Art, Jim Morrison, 2nd.

Zoe West of Jesup: Machine Sewn Item Horse Blanket, 2nd; Machine Sewn Item, 1st; Hand Crafted Item Farmers Day Theme, 2nd; Scrapbook, 2nd; Handmade Item Mixed Techniques Skirt, 1st & Grand Champion Needlework; Knitted Item, Hat, 1st; Original Artwork, 1st.

Emma Zaber of Independence: Handcrafted Item Farmers Day Theme Flute, 3rd; Holiday Item
Penguin, 1st; Photo - Owl, 2nd; Woodworking Butterfly, 2nd.
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