Bubble Gum winners are…
There were over two dozen competitors chewing away, preparing for their turn to blow the biggest bubble in their age category at the annual Farmers Day Bubble Blowing Contest July 8.

The first category that competed were 4-8 year olds. Those competing were Carter Van Brocklin, Ava Holmes, Katie Clark, Joe Bistline, Jarrett Ciesielski, Zoe West and Andrea Alvarado.

Joe Bistline was the winner with a 5” bubble.

Competing in the 9-10 year old category were Allie Uchytil, Mirrissa Mashek, Claire Strauel, Brandon Kauffman, Courtney Kauffman, Emily Clark, Joey Barron, Miranda Mashek, Alex Moore, Gina Sebetka and Alivia Masteller.

Miranda Mashek was the winner with a 7-1/2” bubble.

Competitors between the ages of 11 and 15 were Claudia Olmos, October Bradley, Emily Nejdl, Jacob Clark, Judy Barron, Ashlyn Ciesielski, and Amber Hoffman.

Judy Barron, a returning champ, was the winner with an 8-1/4” bubble.

Adults competing this year were husband and wife Traci and Eric Clark, and Mary Olmos.

Mary was the winner with a 7-1/4” bubble.

The winners all received more bubble gum, courtesy of Farmers Day!

Dale Rueber, Teri Schares and Mary Steuben conducted the contest.
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