2011 Farmers Day Domestic Arts Show results
There were 32 adults and 26 children who entered in many different categories at the Domestic Arts Show at Farmers Day this summer. The event has been held in the Jesup Public Library Community Room for many years now.

This was the first year that the Youth had a separate show from the Adults, and according to organizer Pat McIntosh, everything went very well.

Youth check-in was on Wednesday night with overnight judging. It was open to observers on Thursday night of Farmers Day.

Adult check-in was on Friday night, with the doors open to observe judging shortly after the conclusion of the Farmers Day Parade.

Observers said there was a lot more room to look over the different entries with the two separate shows.

Adults entering in the Domestic Arts Show, and their placements were —

Cally Bengston of Fairbank: Rhubarb Muffins, 3rd; Rockin The Town Rock Candy, 1st; B&W Landscape, 3rd; Color Landscape; Color Animals.

Monica Bengston of Fairbank: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3rd; Nutritious Bars (Contagious), 1st; Misc. Cookies, (Cereal) 2nd; Nutritious Muffins (Walnut/Rhubarb), 2nd; Misc Cookies (Peanut Butter), 1st; Nutritious Muffins (Poppy Seed); Oatmeal Cookies, 1st; Nutritious Bread (Banana); Nutritious Bread (Poppy Seed), 3rd; Carrot Cake, 1st; Holiday Party Favor/Wheelbarrow; Fresh Flower Arrangement, 3rd.

Vanda Blankenship of Jesup: Christmas Table Runner; Applique Horse, 1st; Jackson’s Puzzle, 4th; King Size Multi-quilt, 1st.

Becky Boldt of Des Moines: Photo - Sunset, 2nd; Cloud.

Carolyn Clubine of Dunkerton: Scrapbook, 1st.

Kris Dauth of La Porte City: Girls Jumper/Hat/Bloomers, 1st; Christmas Stockings, 1st; Indian Corn Ring, 2nd; Flax Banana Nut Bread, 1st.

Dawn Fisher of Davenport: Black & White Purse, 2nd; Green Dot Purse & Cover, 1st; Blue & Green Purse, 3rd; Green Purse; Pink Shell Purse; Pink & Green Purse; Camo Men’s Jacket, 3rd; Jacket & Denim Back, 1st & Grand Champion; Brown Purse, 3rd; Blue Dress; Blue Lace Top Dress; Red & Black Dress; Blue Dress Over Skirt; Green Lace Dress.

Karen Frost of Jesup: Kitchen Towels, 2nd; Easter Table Runner, 2nd; Blue Button Jacket, 1st; Table Runner (brown), 2nd; Halloween.

LouAnn Frush of Jesup: Angel Food Cake, 1st; Chocolate Cake, 1st; Carrot Cake, 2nd; Sugar Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Banana Bread, 2nd.

Maryann Gamble of Des Moines: Photos - Fishing/Animal, 2nd; Duck; Shipmate; Ship, Flowers; Yellow Lily.

Robert Gamble of Des Moines: Photo - Birds, 3rd; Deer; Lighthouse; Eating.

Maddy Hinz of Jesup: Photo - Sprinkler; B&W Kids, 2nd.

Andrea Johnson of Waverly: Strawberry, 3rd; Peach, 2nd; Photo - Kids Parade, 2nd; Kite; Alyvia & Jameson; Daddy & Me Fishing, 2nd.

Mandy Jones of Jesup: Blister Pearl Swarovski Crystal Necklace, 2nd; Color Pencil Portrait.

Bev Lane of Jesup: Digital Photo - Blizzard from the Blind; Blizzard from the Blind.

Sara McIntosh of Dunkerton: Photo - Big Brother, 1st; Girl Posed by Tree; Farmers Day Motorcycle, 1st; Princess Puppy, 4th; Farmers Day Boat Ride, 3rd; Walk Through Park; Kissing Siblings on Farm; Girl Smiling B&W, 1st; B&W Sheep, 2nd; Puppy in Glass; Yellow Bloom in Grass; Sheep; Enhanced Photo Girl/Farm, 1st; Banana Muffins; Banana Bread; Oatmeal Bars, 2nd; Pumpkin Muffins; Fresh Flower in Pitcher, 1st; Decorative Item for Home.

Cindy Mealhow of Jesup: Photo - Amish Boy, 3rd; Military Boy, 1st & Grand Champion; Landscape River; Landscape Colorado, 1st; Fort Snelling; Niece Macrina, 1st; Spring Creek; Hora Frost, 2nd; Horses, 1st; Bailey Patches; Swan, 1st; Zebra, 3rd.

Gloria Pullin of Independence: Machine Quilt, 2nd.

Karen Rottinghaus of La Porte City: Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, 1st; Angel Food Cake, 2nd; Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies, 2nd; Apple Cherry Pie, 1st & Grand Champion.

Pat Sadler of Waterloo: Geneaology Mothers Keepsakes, 1st.

Brenda Schmit of Jesup: Isaiah Cross Stitch, 2nd; Rainbow Cross Stitch, 3rd; Nutritious Bread; Muffins; Bar, 3rd; Cookie Cake Mix, 1st; Peanut Butter Cookies, 3rd.

Linda Vander Hart of Jesup: Crocheted Afghan, 2nd; Counted Cross Stitch, 1st; Knitted Baby Afghan, 1st; Hand Quilted Holiday Pillow; Original Design Knitted Sweater & Crochet Trim w/Hand Beading, 2nd.

Leona Weber of Jesup: Quilt, 1st.

Katherine Wellner of Dunkerton: Dish Cloth, 3rd; Pot Holder, 3rd.

Chris Wendel of Jesup: Holiday Item Christmas Angel; Bottle Angel w/Poem, 1st; Multimedia Original Art, 2nd; Farmers Day Theme, 1st & Grand Champion; Koolaid Fresh Flowers, 2nd.

Tammy Wingert of Jesup: Photo - Wedding.

Emi Zuck of Jesup: Memory Tree, 3rd.

Mona Rottinghaus of Waterloo: Christmas Dress, 1st; Nightgown Pairs; Recycled Shopping Bag, 3rd; “Green” Designer Purse, 1st & Grand Champion; Be True to Your School, 1st; Foiled T-Shirt, 3rd; Something Fishy, 2nd; Hats Off to Universities, 3rd.

Katie Kelly of Jesup: Small Tile, 2nd; Large Tile, 2nd.

Patti Schmit of Jesup: Brown w/Bead Placemat Purse; Yellow Leaves Glass Beads Placemat Purse; Orange Plaid Placemat Purse; Blue Plaid Denim Placemat Purse, 2nd; Blue w/Flower & Chain Purse; Peace Denim Purse, 3rd; Denim Floral Purse/Diaper Bag, 2nd; Denim Kachi Floral Purse w/Jewelry.

Emily Wilson of Jesup: Photo - Father & Son B&W, 2nd; “I Didn’t Do It” B&W, 1st; New Family B&W, 1st & Grand Champion; Newborn Model Color, 1st.

Pat McIntosh of Dunkerton: Fresh Bride Bouquet, 2nd; Angel/Fresh Flower, 1st & Grand Champion; Christmas Flowers, 1st; Silk Fall Flowers, 1st; Water Color, 3rd; Santa Mamma, 3rd; Baby Bride; Santa Reading; Child Bride; Snow, 3rd; Rose.

Youth entering in the Domestic Arts Show, and their placements were —

Sydney Andrews of Jesup: Pottery Plate, 1st & Grand Champion.

Hannah Bovy of Jesup: Original Art; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Sugar Cookies, 2nd; Photo - Color People, 1st & Grand Champion; Color Animals, 2nd; Color Landscape, 2nd; B&W Animals, 1st.

Maggie Brockmeyer of Jesup: Fresh Flower Arrangement, 1st; Banana Bread, 1st; Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies, 1st; Picture Frame, 1st & Grand Champion.

Kile Bucknell of Jesup: Photo - Landscape, 3rd; Color Landscape; Color Animals, 3rd.

Cole Bucknell of Jesup: Photo - Landscape, 1st; Color Animals, 1st; Landscape.

Andrew Canfield of Dunkerton: Nutritious Bread, 2nd.

Hannah Canfield of Dunkerton: Nutritious Bread, 1st.

Matthew Canfield of Dunkerton: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2nd.

Alyssa Corkery of Jesup: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 1st & Grand Champion; Sugar Cookies, 1st; Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st; Photo - Wakeboarding, 3rd; Wakeboarding Jump; Single Petal Rose; Pink Flower; Squirrel; Dog, 2nd.

Elisa Duran of Jesup: Blue Quilt, 1st & Grand Champion.

Kelsey Hansen of Jesup: Paint Mystery Night; I Wish Painting, 3rd.

Lindsey Kite of Jesup: Hand, 1st; Painted Picture, 2nd.

Maleah Lichty of La Porte City: Lunch/Pie, 2nd; Restaurant.

Claudia Olmos of Jesup: Bug Barn, 1st; Wooden Flag, 2nd; Bucket with Butterflies, 1st; Machine Sewn Skirt, 2nd.

Courtnee Pullin of Independence: Flip Flops, 1st.

Tricia Rapacki of Jesup: Bible Cover, 3rd; Flag, 2nd.

Evan Sebetka of Jesup: Easter Bunny Holiday, 1st; Flower Candy Holder, 2nd; Original Art Monster Eating Cheeseburgers; Pecan Bar, 1st; Original Art Bag.

Grace Skarlupka of De Pere, WI: Photo - B&W Sumac Leaves, 2nd; B&W Flowers, 1st; Boy & Statue, 2nd; Sumac Leaves; Milkweed Pod, 3rd; B&W Ducks, 1st; B&W Duck w/Tree, 2nd; Bathing Duck; Butterfly on Leaf, 1st & Grand Champion; Splash Dogs Black Lab, 2nd; Splash Dogs Retriever, 1st; I Believe I Can Fly, 1st; Christmas Goat, 2nd.

Leo Skarlupka of DePere, WI: Photo - Duck on Foamy Water, 3rd; Foam on Water.

Claire Strauel of Jesup: Clay Butterfly, 1st; Summer, 1st; Oatmeal Cookies, 1st & Grand Champion; Chocolate Crunch Cookies, 2nd; White Bread, 1st; “Ocean Sane” Textile, 1st; Paper Tree; Paper Flower, 2nd; Butterfly, 3rd.

Caroline Strauel of Jesup: Chocolate Cookies, 1st; Cake Mix Cookies, 1st; Pumpkin Bread, 2nd; Little Brown Church; Farmers Day Collage, 1st; Heart Collage; Purple Flower; Little Brown Church, 1st.

Alex Weber of Brandon: Photo - Landscape Shoreline, 2nd; Fountain; Light Houses Series, 1st.

Jenna Weber of Brandon: Photo — Canon, 1st; Color Flowers, 2nd; Series, 3rd.

Hailey Wehling of Jesup: Original Art; Sugar Cookies, 1st.

Zoe West of Jesup: Treasure from Trash, 1st; Bed Covering, 1st & Grand Champion; Care Bear Pillow, 1st; Cross, 1st.

Hannah Youngblut of Jesup: Photo - Light on the Lake; Day Lily, 3rd; Flowers; Logan; Reese, 1st.


Pat McIntosh thanks her volunteer helpers Diana Kelly, Katie Kelly, Karen Frost, Teri Nie, Sally West, Chris Wendel, Doris LeBahn, Boots Willet, Kara Masteller, and the Jesup Public Library for the use of the Community Room.
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