Domestic Arts Show winners for 2010
The Domestic Arts Show for the 2010 Farmers Day celebration had 93 adult entries in the Domestic Arts category, and 16 in Food & Nutrition.

There were over 300 people who came in to view the displays. The event was sponsored by The Farmers Wife with the staff doing most of the work. Louise Eichelberger, Karen Ohrt and Boots Willett were also called in for assistance.

Placements for this year’s show are:

Pre-Junior Food (6 entries)

First Place & Grand Champ, Claire Strauel, Jesup, Peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies; 1st, Chewy granola cookies; 1st, Lemon crisp cookies, 1st, pecan/pumpkin bread; 2nd, Hannah Canfield, Dunkerton, Pumpkin bread; 3rd, Andrew Canfield, Dunkerton, Banana bread.

Pre-Junior Domestic Arts

(24 entries)

Photography — First Place & Grand Champion, Laney Fisher, Jesup, Tommy At Play; 1st Place, Flooding; 1st Place, Eric Sweeney, Jesup, Grand Titans; 2nd, Cody Wy.

Domestic Arts — 1st, Anna Sweeney, Independence, Nativity/Holiday Item; 1st, Wilderness/Treasure from Trash; 1st, Draft Horse; 2nd, Butterfly; 1st, Laney Fisher, Jesup, Crown in wood/Decorated Item for the Home; 1st, Scrapbooking. 2nd, Eric Sweeney, Jesup, Scrapbooking; 3rd, Claire Strauel, Woven Bookmark.

Junior Food (12 entries)

Chocolate Chip Cookies — 1st Place & Grand Champion, Alyssa Corkery, Jesup, Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies; 2nd, Elizabeth Schaefer, Waterloo, Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies; 3rd, Matthew Canfield, Dunkerton, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Miscellaneous Cookies — 1st, Caroline Strauel, Jesup, Scotty Oatmeal Cookies; 2nd, Erin McFadden, Waterloo, Monster Cookies; 3rd, Alyssa corkery, Jesup, Sugar Cookies.

Nutritious Bar/Cookies — 1st, Caroline Strauel, Jesup, Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk.

Cookie or Bar from Cake Mix — 1st, Caroline Strauel, Jesup, Candy Bar Cookie Squares; 2nd, Erin McFadden, Waterloo, Cake Mix Cookies.

Nutritious Bread — 1st, Caroline Strauel, Jesup, Orange Nut Bread.

Farmers Day Theme Food — 1st, Leah Kayser, Jesup, Breadmaker Rolls.

Sesquicentennial Food with


1st Place & Grand Champion, Emily Schaefer, Waterloo, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Junior Domestic Arts (57 Entries)

Machine Sewn Item — 1st, Jenna Weber, Brandon, Farm Animals Sewn Bag; 2nd, Kenna Biddlecombe, Jesup, Little Miss Oven Mitt.

Treasure From Trash — 1st, Clair Thoma, Jesup, This is a Star to Me; 2nd, Abby Schaefer, Waterloo, Bracelets Made from Paper Towels; 3rd, Emily Schaefer, Waterloo, Dr. Pepper Chalkboard.

Decorated Item for the Home — 1st, Hayden Fisher, Jesup, Shell Tissue Box.

Scrapbooking — 1st, Jenna Weber, Brandon, Black Scrapbook; 2nd, Elizabeth Schaefer-Waterloo, Pinkline Summer Scrapbook; 3rd, Clair Thoma, Jesup, Scrapbook of Memories.

Original Art — 1st Place & Grand Champion, Grace Skarlupka, Jesup, Purse; 2nd, tom Biddlecombe, jesup, Mosaic Glass Light Up Block; 3rd, Clair Thoma, Jesup, Animal Heart.

Photography — B&W People, 1st Place, Mackenzie Geweke, Jesup, Girl.

Color People, 1st, Grace Skarlupka, Jesup, Lady With Park Background; 2nd, Mackenzie Geweke, Jesup, Two Girls with Bags; 3rd, Hannah Youngblut, Jesup, Two People Dancing.

Color Landscape, 1st, Grace Skarlupka, Jesup, Rock Formation; 2nd, Alex Weber, Brandon, Sand Guitar; 3rd, Mackenzie Geweke, Jesup, B&W Tree; Grace Skarlupka, Lady Bug in Tree; 2nd, unknown; 3rd, Luke Sweeney, Independence, Mountains.

Animals, 1st, Hayden Fisher, Jesup, Orange Matte Dog.

Professional - All Classes

1st Place & Grand Champion, Mona Rottinghaus, Waterloo, We Remember This; 2nd, UNI; 3rd, Iowa; 1st, Garden Gammet; 2nd, Toddler Towels.

1st, Eric Nie, Jesup, Bear Woodburned Plaque; 3rd, Justin Nie, Antler Lamp; 2nd, Brittany Kayser, Green Birthday Present.

1st, Pat McIntosh, Dunkerton, Bed of Roses.

Adult Food & Nutrition

(16 Entries)

Overall Winner: Mary Ann Gamble, Des Moines, Honey Bar Cookies

2nd, Pat McIntosh, Our Daily Bread.

Chocolate Cake - Not a mix, 1st, Karen Rottinghaus, La Porte City, chocolate cake.

Miscellaneous Cake, 1st, Mary Ann Gamble, peanut butter cake.

Fresh Fruit Pie, 1st & Grand Prize, Karen Rottinghaus, Berry Pie. 2nd, Brittany Kayser, Blueberry Cherry Pie.

Oatmeal Cookies, 1st, Mary Ann Gamble, Peanut butter oatmeal. 2nd, Monica Bengston, Fairbank, Oatmeal. 3rd, Monica Bengston, Oatmeal chocolate chip.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1st, Monica Bengston, Chocolate chip.

Miscellaneous Cookies, 1st, Kris Dauth, La Porte City, Sour cream cookies. 2nd, Louise Eichelberger, Jesup, 1795 Ginger cookies.

Nutritious Muffins, 1st, Karen Rottinghaus, 7 Grain Cereal Muffins. 2nd, Irma Hopkins, Jesup, Banana Nut - no salt.

Adult Needlework

Crochet Item, 1st, Kris Dauth, Crocheted Hat. 2nd, Monica Bengston, Hot Pad.

Knitted Item, 1st, Linda Vander Hart, Knitted Sweater. 2nd, Linda Vander Hart, Hooded Baby Towel.

Hand Quilted Item, 1st, Doris Natvig, Jesup, Crib quilt. 2nd, Terri Schmitz, Gilbertville, Pot holder. 3rd, Terri Schmitz, Moon in the window.

Machine Quilted Item, 1st & Grand Champ, Vanda Blankenship, Jesup, Wall hanging. 2nd, Terri Schmitz, Baby quilt. 3rd, Terri Schmitz, Wild flower quilt.

Counted Cross-Stitch, 1st, Karen Frost, Jesup, Magnetic needle box cross stitch.

Appliqueed Item, 1st, Kris Dauth, Wall Hanging.

Handmade Item, 1st, Justin Nie, Jesup, Laundry bag.

Bed Covering, 1st, Karen Rottinghaus, Quilt & Pillow. 2nd, Brittany Kayser, Jesup, Steve’s quilt. 3rd, Vanda Blankenship, Blue & White quilt.

Machine Sewn Item, 1st, Kris Dauth, Christening gown. 2nd, Kris Dauth, Laptop bag.

Adult Crafts

Holiday Item, 1st, Linda Vander Hart, Jesup, Crocheted Doily, 2nd, Linda Vander Hart, 2 Holiday Pillows.

Treasure From Trash, 1st, Chris Wendel, Jesup, Angel. 2nd, Justin Nie, Bow rack. 3rd, Monica Bengston, Greeting cards.

Decorative Item For The Home, 1st & Honorable Mention, Buffy Campbell, Basket, 2nd, Justin Nie, Burned mountain scene. 3rd, Justin Nie, Farm woodburned wall hanging.

Scrap Booking, 1st, Sandy Martin, Jesup, Shadow scrapbook. 2nd, Pat McIntosh, Dunkerton, 2010 Family calendar scrapbook. 3rd, Brittany Kayser, Scrapbook.

Original Art, 1st, Buffy Campbell, Jesup, Fishing creel. 2nd, Christian Wendel, Jesup, Rise above the brokenness. 3rd, Eric Nie, White tail deer.

Photography - Black & White, 1st, Ali Cover, Black & white photo.

Photography - Color People, 1st & Honorable Mention, Sara McIntosh, Dunkerton, Cowboy Lane. 2nd, Sara McIntosh, Pickin’ berries. 3rd, Sara McIntosh, Forensic science.

Photography-Color landscape, 1st, Mary Ann Gamble, Hiking trail. 2nd, Mary Ann Gamble, Lake landscape. 3rd, Mary Ann Gamble, Spur trail loop.


Color Animals, 1st, Robert Gamble, Rattle snake. 2nd, Katie McIntosh, Dunkerton, Buster. 3rd, Robert Gamble, Working hard.


Class B-6-7, Ali Cover, Fairbank, Sometimes the Smallest Things. 2nd, Sara McIntosh, Dunkerton, Kiss a Lot of Frogs; 3rd, Little Farm Girl.

2009 Photo, 1st, Pat McIntosh, Dunkerton, 2009 Farmers Day. 2nd, Monica Bengston, Fairbank, 2009 Farmers Day.

B-8, 1st, Robyn Stoddard, Shonola, PA, Stoddard Genealogy.

B-9, Monica Bengston, Fairbank, Fresh Wildflower Arrangement.
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