Beard Contest winners named
There were a lot of whiskers in and around Jesup, all for the 2010 Sesquicentennial Beard Contest.

Some of the men grew their beards for over six months, while others joined in the “ten-day” beard contest. Because of persistently bad weather, however, the 10-day beard contest became the 15-day beard contest. It was finally held on the park pavilion stage on Saturday night of Farmers Day.

Jesup barbers Kim Zayas, Stephanie Witt and Ronda Fratzke judged the beards and emcee Dale Rueber conferred the prizes.

Clint Ohrt won the “Wild & Wooly” Beard.

Bob Mezera won the “Best Trimmed” Beard.

Marv Youngblut had the beard that most resembled “Santa Claus.”

Thomas Sadler had the “Youngest Beard” (not a trace of grey).

Frank Fenner won the “Brillo Pad” beard.

The 15-day Beard Winner was Justin “Pete” Rohlfsen.

Congratulations to our whiskered friends. It’s a good bet that the razors worked overtime that night or the next morning before church.
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